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In a statement on 25/26th May 2009 Airman Steve La Plume Made this statement:

My name is Steven Robert LaPlume. When I had just turned eighteen years of age I was an Airman in the United States Air Force stationed at RAF Bentwaters.

I want to go into detail about my time there related to the UFO incident/sighting. I know I am but one in this mess, however I want to have my voice heard for a change. I truly believe what happened to me did in fact happen and I also think the incident has been underplayed or ever shadowed by the “big show” that happened in late Dec. of 1980.

I also believe that I will never know what truly happened to me and what it was all about. It’s taken me about twenty nine years to accept this but with this new found peace I can look at what happened to me objectively with no emotional attachment anymore. I honestly don’t give a * about RAF Bentwaters.

To understand what it was like from my perspective I need to give you a real good idea of what I was like and what I was about back then. I will make it brief and to the point.

I was a 147lbs weakling of a Mamma’s boy when I entered the Service of my Country. When I got to the RAF base, leased to the US Air Force, I was still the same geeky little kid I was when I was in school except I had waltzed through basic training when they needed musicians for the drum and bugle corp. I volunteered as I had been playing trumpet for years.

Security Police training was boring at best and the only part I liked was when new got guns and did war games type stuff. The rest was a blur of drunken nights and boring classroom by day.

When I arrived at RAF Bentwaters, I ran into someone and we talked about Lackland [AFB] for a few moments. Then we discovered we had hid under the same overturned table in a large bar room fight on base. We both had dates and we turned the table on its wide side and hid behind it or something to that effect. Anyway his name was Larry Warren but I honestly can not remember when I had met him for the first time. He was around then we met and became good friends for a bit of time then after the incident it was really a bit intense. The whole situation was really awkward I guess would be the best word. Because it was so far off the norm it was hard to navigate through the day at times. It was always right there in my face.

I got kicked out of the Air Force soon after my sighting. I think it took me about two months to do what I felt was a desperate act to get out of a bad situation. Like I said I plan to be very honest and direct here. I got nothing to loose or lie about I just plan to tell it like I saw it. One night after my sighting I got drunk beyond imagination. I got as drunk as I could and still be able to plan out what I did. Yes, I planned out the following events to a certain degree.
I knew I needed to do something to get out of the service but I could not find a loop hole in my contract. I had trained as a Security Specialist but I had not gotten my Secret Clearance yet so was assigned to the Law Enforcement squadron most of the time. I thought that a breach of contract but it was not if they rotate me back every X amount of days to perform my job in my contractual trade. Anyway, I took a skin diving knife and cut my belly a bit. It did not do a good job really so I used a razor out of my BIC shaver and continued with that. I was not trying to kill myself. I was simply trying to show I was serious about wanting to get out. I felt my life was in danger and I found my way out no matter what the penalty. There was just way to much * going on and I was smart enough to know when its time to stay and time to go. I opted out.

So I cut myself then went down the hall hoping someone would see me and cal it in. But no one was in the hall way. So I went to the emergency phone which was a direct line to the police desk. I called and said I * up. The cop on the other end said something else which I have long forgotten and doesn’t really matter except maybe to him, anyway.

About this time three friends of mine came around the corner, saw me and the state I was in and called out to me.
I dropped the phone and ran like a bat out of hell. It was February, I had on a pair of camo pants, socks (wow soaking wet) and no shirt with a bloodied belly. I ran and while I ran I thought I better ditch the knife or they might think I am dangerous and shoot me. I was running from the barracks toward the soccer field and simply slammed it into a tree trunk as I ran by. Long story short I got busted eventually after a long foot chase (I ran cross country in high school) and I finally stopped and let them catch me after an hour of running them around. It was like watching the keystone cops give you chase. Little did I know one of the cops that actually arrested me was a tall guy named John Burroughs. I did not know it but he had his own issues at the time he and I scrapped a bit during the arrest.

End result was I got an article 15, lost all my rank and got all my pay cut except 41 dollars so I could pay my tab at the base exchange for a stereo I had on payment. Of course the payment was actually 42 bucks a month so I had to borrow a buck a month from some one to make payment.

[Personal remarks removed] I hated that guy. After I got booted out I found out where he was living on the East Coast and planned to track him down. But instead I figured why waste my life on his fat
. My honorable discharge was a power play between [personal remarks removed] booting me out for a stupid reason, me pleading with the base shrink to let me out (which he did on grounds of immaturity.) The shrink said if he recommended I got out on being too immature for the service I could always say later in life I had matured since then. But if he let me out for about any other reason I would get a general discharge and would look bad for not having the honorable. I agreed. I also got tagged with a bad re-enlistment code and after trying to join the Army a few years later found it was impossible for me to ever re-enter the US military. So I joined [another country's] military instead. It was not that I did not like military life. In fact I did but it was that I felt my life was I danger and I needed to leave so I guess in a way I wanted to prove to myself I was a good soldier I found away around being in a military unit or army of the USA and still being a military soldier… if that made sense. In short I became a professional soldier for hire.

My specialty was weapons which meant I was a weapons trainer and armorer as well as long range patrolling. Kind of commando stuff, but mostly I was on a 4 man team and we would sneak in to places and finds things out then report back. Contact with any unfriendly was better left to an attacking fore. We wanted to be ghosts. I was self taught on a lot of weapons yet at the time I knew about everything I could know about USA and com bloc weapons. I was trained by the notorious Frank Camper at the Recondo School in Alabama and did a bunch of things I could right a book about. But never will, because I have grown a custom to breathing.

After about five years of that I stopped abruptly and got on with my life. I guess I got it out of my system well enough. End result were a few bullet wounds a knife wound and multiple abrasions and contusions. Not bad for five years of Mercenary work.

Strange events

So that’s all about me and now the part you’ve all been waiting for. The UFO incident.

I was sitting in my dorm room one day when Larry warren came into my room. I had just had a sighting a few days prior and had kept my mouth shut after the incident. I did not want to talk about it to anyone other those who knew and they wanted no part of it from what I saw. My SGT asked me what happened. I told him, [I] missed the bus to the barracks and hitch hiked in the rain back after working all night. This was the morning after when I returned to Central Security Control. So Larry comes in asks if he can talk and then starts laying out this whole story about UFOs, walking back form Ipswich when he saw it, lights triangular craft splitting apart after all of them coming together, little green men, animals in the forest. You know his story and I don’t need to go into detail about it. But I will say this. I never doubted when I was talking to him that what he said had happened had happened. He was deeply disturbed. I have a clear recollection of him talking about this incident. He never sat down, never moved he just stood there and laid it all out in one foul swoop. Standing right in front of the dorm room door, which he had closed behind him for privacy. Then he turned and left. I think he just needed to get it all out of his head. But after he left it started to all come together for me.

They had their sighting about Christmas in 1980. About three weeks later I have mine. Also a few friends of mine were suddenly getting booted out of the service as well. I believe all had something to do with the UFO incident. There was one guy from Philly that I will not name who was not part of the UFO incident. Funny thing was he was not all that smart from what I gathered and yet had written down a whole theory about magnetic issues, like flight using magnetic life or some sort of things like that. At the time I did not grasp what the heck he was talking about. But now that this technology was common on mass transport I wonder how in 1980 a dumb * boxer from Philly, how did he get hold of this technology? He was getting gout on a section 8 which means his elevator didn’t reach the top floor.

There were a few other odd things in the after math of all this. I had a good buddy who had met a girl about the same time I did. She was a photographer for the base and worked in the Photography building whatever that was. But if you read any of Larry Warrens details he mentioned that there was an underground base under Bentwaters and that at some point he mentioned either publicly or to me that he had come up through and elevator in the photography building. When he went out side realized what the building was.

So this friend meets this girl. They fall for each other then he gets a TDY to Germany for a month. Next I see him he is looking pitiful. His girl left him and he had shaved all his hair off. When I asked him why he said he was getting a new start. But when I talked to him it was not the same guy I knew a month ago. Maybe she really tore him up but just think it was to strange that this girl entered his life. Left as abrupt as she appeared never to be seen again and he turns up all * in the head.

Mark Thompson has been over-looked as a key player in all this as well. He was run out on failure to adapt charges as well. He was there in the incident on one of the nights and told me that he backed up Larry’s story about the generated lights not working, the pump at the station not working correctly, going on and off when they were trying to fill the light alls. After he went back to Santa Cruz, I never heard from him again.

Why did so many airmen have so much trouble after leaving the service or while they were stationed there during that period of time? When I was sent there I was parts of a large replacement group for the security police that had been there prior and had gotten busted for doing drugs in a big sweep. This is what I was told. But I bet if someone investigated the airmen that got removed from service prior to my arrival I bet there might be some things that would mesh with all of us getting booted out. What did they see or get involved with. Most service men don’t get a secret clearance only to go shoot heroin.

Our suicide rate was rumored to be one of the highest in the USAF. When my fellow airmen who I went through basic with did a TDY at the base he said he fully understood why I got booted out the way I did. He said it was the worst base he had ever been to. I had more than one fellow airman talk to me in confidence about weird dreams they were having. A girl that would visit one guy in the evenings but she was not real. He said she was like a ghost a which of sort. Then there was another guy who said he would have a dram about waking up and a black gloved hand was in front of him just prior to covering his mouth. Could that be a recollection of chloroform in a glove just prior to knocking someone out? My first thought was it was.

I was followed one night by two guys claiming to be German pilots on TDY. I asked about them and no one knew them. I asked on for a cigarette. He gave me one and lit it. Then I told him I knew he was not a German pilot and that I was on to them. It went like this:

“Excuse me do you have a light?” German pilot makes like he does not understand. “Oh you don’t speak English?” I produce a cigarette that I got off the bartender not being a smoker.

“You got a light?” I gesture a BIC lighter and he gets it and hand me a lighter. I hand it back and then I say in simple slow English. I know your following me. Why are you following me?” German boy just looks at me and says nothing but he screwed up because he did not gesture like he did not understand like he did before. We just made eye contact and started for a split second or so then I walked away.

When his partner came back (I had gone to get some food) [...] from behind the lattice work I saw them talk and leave out the back door. “That’s odd” I thought “No one ever leaves out that back door.” There was nothing in the back but an alley. I went back and followed them. They got I a big dark Lincoln town car. I knew it was a Lincoln because my uncle had one and I recognized it. I watched them through the barely cracked open door as they drove in the direction of the gate and remember their tail light going on when the driver slowed for a moment. I saw enough and thought they may have seen me so I closed the door and took off out of the front of the club.

What in the hell were two German pilots on TDY (Obviously they flew in to the base) doing in a Lincoln town car in Suffolk England in 1981? These were not a common car at all in that place and time.

It was at this moment I knew I was * and I needed to get out. Maybe it was the same dark big car that Larry claims was waiting for him when he was pulled in to the car after being sprayed with something that knocked him out.

OK, here is what I saw and what happened to me. It simple enough of an event but its got a few things I feel are overlooked and not fully integrated I not the first few nights incident. Remember this event happened about 3 weeks after the big show in the forest.

La Plume’s UFO experience

Senior Airman Palmer and I were on duty. I was on the back gate known as the “East Gate” My job entailed me staying on post until the gate closed (I think it was about 8:00 pm when we closed it or so. Maybe 7:00Pm) After this time I was on relief duty for a bit. I got to be posted [...] after a while I knew the ins and outs of most of the cops duties. Law enforcement was different form Security specialist which I was trained to be.

I used to know the exact date but I can only remember it being clear I my head only one time when I retraced my work schedule to figure out the exact date it happened. I am not sure why but that date has never stayed with me and I have no idea to this day what exact date I had my sighting. What I do know is it was on my third rotation of work after the Christmas three days off I had. So that would be three days on swing shift three days on night shift three days off repeat that three time and it was in the three days of midnight shift. Roughly three weeks later (after the big sighting). Well the time was about 11:00 pm or so. We went back to the East gate to check the lock. Palmer mentioned some of the regular airman knew the combo and would enter the gat illegally after it closed so we had to go check it periodically. I guess that’s true, I never questioned it.

Palmer had driven to the gate and told me to check the lock. [He] gave me the combo to make sure it was the same lock that was supposed to be on there. I relocked it and went back to the Police cruiser. For some reason I was on the side of the car nearest the blast wall which at the time was between the gate and the active runway. The wall was there for noise abatement I guess.

So my exact position is standing facing Palmer, who is standing facing me. We are looking over the cruiser which I believe was facing away form the gate now. Though, I don’t remember it turning around. Maybe we got in and then got out as we were a few meters away form the original position of the cruiser when I checked the gate. Maybe Palmer turned it around when I walked back. I just can’t recall that detail.

So we talk about how the night is a bit brisk but its nice and the sky was clearing up a bit. It was only maybe 15% cloud cover now and the sky was clear for the most part. Stars were bright and it was generally a beautiful night, no fog.

It was Palmer who first mentioned the lighthouse and the UFO and the forest to my left (at the end of the long access road to the base). I could see the beacon of the light house as it rotated and I can to believe anyone could mistake that thing for a UFO over head or in the trees. Not unless your high on acid, maybe then you could. I read where a de-bunker said the timing of the beacon and the timing of Halt on the tape were in sync. OK, maybe they were I don’t know but I do know that a light house some five miles away wasn’t shining through any trees to the decree anyone would mistake it as being remotely close to them.

We were talking about the Airmen, the UFO and little green men and generally joking about it. [Then] I saw something over Palmer’s right shoulder. It was up in the sky high in the sky about 45 degrees off the horizon.

What I saw looked at first like a satellite moving across the sky. It was maybe a bit brighter but not by much. I mentioned it to Palmer, he turned and looked. It was not traveling right to left on a even trajectory. It was dancing in the sky. Up and down to a rhythm I can only liken to a heart monitor but it was doing so really quickly.

I bet it was going in either direction up and down while it went right to left about 10 degrees either way. Jut real fast up… down, up, down…. It was a fast mover. I asked Palmer if he saw it too. He confirmed he did and we looked at it for a few moments.

When I first saw it I would say it was in the direct Southern sky. When Palmer jumped in the cruiser to go to the Control tower to check and see what was I the sky that night it had gone behind some cloud cover and was in the South eat part of the sky. Total sight time was about 3 or 4 minutes.

Palmer came back about 15 minutes later and reported the only thing up was a C-130 transport plane and a few Jolly Greens [helicopters] from the Para-Rescue Squadron.

Palmer said we had to call it in. he said that we were told if we saw anything odd to report it in. So I said OK. He then got on the radio to CSC and said. “LaPlume just saw a UFO” I yelled across the car to him. “You saw it too!”

Within a few moments the phone in the guard shack at the East Gate rang. Palmer told me to answer it. I went over answered the phone and it was Lt. Englund. He asked me what I saw, where was it, could I see it now, etc.. I told him we lost sight of it in some cloud cover over the forest. That was it I mentioned the forest. It hit the fan. He told us to stay there and observe.

Very soon after Colonel Halt showed up. I reported the post safe and secure and proceeded to tell him what happened.

All the time Palmer stayed back and did not get too involved. [personal remarks removed] There are no other reasons, just the two, coward or part of it.

After the arrival of Col. Halt, the stream of officers and higher ranking personnel kept coming. There was the Deputy Base commander, I believe of Woodbridge base who brought his wife and teen-aged son. Eventually, the recently promoted General Williams, our Wing commander, came. I was told by Lt Englund not to be nervous, but he had just [been] made General. Report my post as all safe and secure and simply tell him what I saw.

I did just that and then everyone except palmer and myself jumped in an official Air Force station wagon. And went out the East gate toward the forest. We were left with a starlight scope and told to let them know if we saw anything.

When this was going down I was beside myself. Why did all these people show up? Why was this officers wife and kid here on official Air Force business. Why did she have a 35mm Nikon camera and make the comment. “I hope we get to see one!”

It was a very exciting time for all of them. I was completely clueless as to the events of December 1980. I knew there was a sighting but at this point in time I knew no details other than some Security personnel claimed to have seen a UFO. I did not understand why they insisted on going into the forest. The thing we saw was mile sin the sky and went behind some clouds way up there and while it was technically over the forest I was about 30,000 feet up I am guessing.

What the * is going on here? Is about all I could think. Palmer and I goofed around with the scope and basically sat around crushing our nuts until the officers all came back form the forest area. Nothing happened. We saw nothing and when they returned they seemed a bit let down.

I was posted on the gate the rest of the night, which sucked as it was boring as hell out there in the middle of no where and worse the ghost stories and now the UFO thing was a bit unnerving. I was just 18 and was involved in a mess of * I had no clue about and no clue how big it was about to be. After things calmed down Palmer took off to resume duty. I guess he had to do it himself now as I was not available to give the other cops a break.

He returned about an hour or so later. We talked a bit but I can’t remember what. I guess just that we went over the nights was events. He mentioned the lighthouse and how they thought it might be that. Even then people were trying to figure out about that damned lighthouse amongst ourselves and we all dismissed it as far as I know.

But then it happened, the second visit. Here is what I remember and how I remember it:
I was looking toward the forest in particular the light house. I mentioned that there was no way it could have been that. Maybe I thought it but it was in my head at the time.

Then I saw the lights of a plane coming in for a landing. I thought it was a plane. It was on the about the right approach for the runway from what I saw. Then it got a bit closer. It was low, lower than I thought it should be. It was slow too. Was it an A-10? They can fly real slow and stay aloft. Its over the forest now nearing the road at the end of the East Gate access road. It’s big. Those lights don’t seem right. Its about 1000 feet off the deck. [...] Its long like a foot ball field long. Cigar shaped form what I can tell but there are a few clouds in the way.

“Where did they come form it was clear a minute ago?” Palmer and I exchanged a few words basically confirming that we were both seeing it. After the craft got to the point t was coming up the access road toward the East gate I don’t remember ever talking to palmer again until the event nearly all over.

I seem to recall a bluish light under it tracking the ground but I can not say for sure if this is a true memory ori f I have had that thought placed by seeing too many movies or reading too many books so I have to discount this as not factual. I simply can’t clearly remember it for sure, just partially. The craft is coming toward me. I have an M-16 machine gun on me. It’s on my shoulder. I never even think to take it off my shoulder.

Now its nearly over me the front is above my head. I am speechless and immobile. I stand there just looking up at it. It’s huge. Three American football field lengths huge. Or so I perceive it to be. There is still a cloud around it or fog or something that is preventing me form seeing it clearly. Now its directly over my head. I see the hatch like square thing on the bottom. Its structural. There are some lights a yellow one a red one and either a blue or green one.

My only thought is “Wow, look at it, remember this moment, you’ll never see anything like this again in your whole life. This is amazing.” Then its moving toward my right and toward the Southern sky mush higher and heading away at a slow pace it moves way and up at the same time. I watch it as it returns to the night sky and blends in with the stars and then I can not see it I only see the night sky clear with no clouds and full of stars.

Palmer and I had a few words once it was almost out of sight. Something like “Can you still see it? Its almost gone.” or something similar to that. Once its gone we are standing there still with the cruiser between us. Palmer asks me do you want to cal that in.”NO” I reply quickly and with total certainty. He agrees and we agree to say nothing.

Palmer and I never really talked about it after that. I went back to the CSC and talked to my Sgt who gave me about a one minute debrief: “LaPlume what did you see?” I told him what I saw on the first sighting and nothing more. I played it down and knew if I mentioned anything I would be ridiculed so I kept my big mouth shut. Like I knew I should.

I told him I thought it was a satellite but it was moving strange that’s all. Nothing really it went behind the clouds and I never saw it again. He said OK and that’s the only official dealing I had on the matter. Now one thing I need to mention is that when the guys saw the first UFO I was in the day room of the dorm across form mine. They came in about 10:00am or so which is quite late for getting off the night shift. We had already heard a rumor some of the guys saw a UFO. This was during my three days off on rotation and during Christmas. I was hung over like a son of a * but when they came I was met with a torrent of questions and asked about being chased by a UFO.

They swore at us and shrugged us off. I actually was interested a bit but one of them I asked to tell me what he saw, verbally abused me and moved on. I clearly remember none of them made eye contact with us. They reminded me of the dwarfs in snow white. All of them had their heads down looking at the ground with their gear bags over their shoulders or heavy in one of their hands. They never looked up they just put there heads down and pushed through us. I never really saw their faces or knew who they were? After that night my life changed, none for the better. I had been home sick a bit but now I really wanted to get out of there and go home. It was an obsession with me. I had no idea what was going on but wanted out of there I knew that.

The aftermath

I met a girl named Sue somewhere along the way. It was before I had the sighting. I am not sure but I don’t think I ever mentioned it to her. I fell in love with Sue and asked her to marry me. But then I could not. I was a mess mentally. I could not cope.

The night I cut myself I was over the edge mentally. It was not hard to put a blade to myself. Get home or die trying. After the nights events Larry contacted me as I have already stated. My Air Force career went to *. I was getting railroaded out of the service for being drunk one night and getting into trouble. The base lawyer asked how that could be and protested. Then a new lawyer took over my case and allowed it to happen.

My father was a senior master Sergeant in the Air Force and also had a few real deep political connections. Two congressional inquires were sent on my behalf which unnerved the higher ups. Thus the “HONORABLE” discharge.

I too it and went home disgraced my father’s eyes who was a career military man in the Air Force reserves and a Lt. in the local police department. I had brought great shame upon him and upon my return to the USA I could only find a job as a floor boy in a plastic factory which my father had to pull strings to get for me. I was pretty low in my life. I needed to do something to pick my self esteem back up. I was smoking pot, drinking like a fish and out of control. The drunken drug induced nights were an seamless blur.

Then about the spring of 1982 pulled myself together and joined a mercenary school like I had told Larry I wanted to be and the rest as they say is history. My big claim to fame is my involvement with the Iran Contra Affair. I worked with the Contras when Oliver North was taking care of business with Iran and when then director Casey was alive and obsessed with the communists in our back porch in Central America.

But I have been other places and done other things. I have done some really ugly and evil things which I have no real guilt over. I have no guilt to this day over anything I have done, anyone I have * over or worse. And the hard part that you will need to understand is that before I went in to the service, I was in the healthcare program at school and on my way to becoming a nurse. I wanted to help people. Remember I was a bit of a wimpy Mamma’s boy, liked to help people and never got in a fight at school unless I had my back against a wall.

[Some comments removed]

That’s a far cry form the caring loving young man I w when I entered the service only a few years before. What happened to me? I lost my faith in god, I fell in love with death (We were close friends and I helped him out with his work when ever I could) I would watch the last breath leave and bend down to see if I could see a soul leaving or see when the exact time of death was. Could I tell did it show or was it just a mater of fact thing I was truly insane I feel. My head was not right. I was not normal I had changed totally. OK, so enough of that. Now you know what I saw. So here are a few thoughts I have about all this and a few after math issues.

Where did the missing time go from when the craft was over my head and I was tripping on how cool it was to when it was in the southern sky leaving me? I never saw it go from here to there. Why were three of the guys I was used to working with in the Law enforcement squadron moved to the Air Force OSI soon after the event? My biggest issue was with Senior Airman Palmer who went over to the AFOSI very soon after. He seemed to know something or be in on something. After my cutting event he contacted me, asked me to go meet him downstairs in the parking lot in his car. I did. He asked if I was OK. I said yes. He asked about what I was going to do or wanted I told him I only wanted to go home nothing more. I could tell he was fishing for information and I told him what he wanted to hear. I would be good and be quiet. Dare I tell him anything else?

Whey were the two guys following me that claimed to be German pilots then left in a dark big assed sedan?
Why were my fellow airmen getting booted out of the service on * charges and why was the commander cleaning house. Was it to get best in USAFE like he claimed. Get rid of the dirt so the Squadron looked good? Larry and I kept in touch after we were civilians again. I met him a few times at his house in Connecticut on my way to a mission or to do some training with Frank Camper in the Mercenary School. He mentioned the Omni magazine story and I think everyone knows what happened after that.

I was contacted by Larry Fawcett, gave him my story, I went to a meeting urged by Larry I had no idea who they were or what they were about but MUFON was their name. I had never heard of them. Larry and I told them what happened and they were thankful we stepped forward. I never spoke publically again after that. It was too uncomfortable. I eventually got in so much trouble with the law and was under indictment for my part in the Iran Contra affair I took off to California, went underground and started life over. Eventually the feds caught up with me and I had to talk to the FBI and the BATF. A year later I had it all cleared up and did not have to rat anyone out so I felt OK about it and had found religion. I needed religion. I needed something spiritual. I need to be normal again. But books were written, people kept contacting me about all this mess.

I contacted Col. Halt about the time Georgina was writing her book. I liked her and we met once in London. I stayed at her flat along with my wife one night and her and I and Nick Pope and my wife finished off a few bottles of wine and talked about everything we could in the short time we had together.

I counted Nick and Georgina as genuine friends Nick and I still email each other every now and then, I was truly heart broken to hear of Georgina’s passing. I had not felt such heart ache in a long, long time. So what do I think happened that night? I have no idea. I think Palmer was involved somehow in a sinister manner. I think maybe I was the subject of an experiment of some sort wither by aliens or by a government agency. Did I see a real UFO from outer space? I have no idea. I saw something that was unlike any craft I had seen before [...] made no noise and moved fast.

I do know this. Larry Warren is a mess. I have no idea what he says anymore is true or untrue… is it firsthand account or not? I have nothing bad to say about him other than the fact that he was messed with he was missing for a few days and returned with a story of underground UFO stations under the base. I know everyone involved has had issue some way or another. I know Chuck Decaro of CNN thought there was enough there to interview me and some of [others] involved.

[unrelated detail removed]

I felt the urge to write all this down [on] a forum where someone could use it. I just wanted to tell my side of the story so at least someone out there knew what happened and how I feel that it is so totally tied into the events of Christmas 1980 there just has to be something there. Feel free to ask me anything you want but at a point in time I feel I will just go away and never look back on this subject again. I like my privacy and came out of my hole here in China just to get this all out there. I like the hole I live in where no one can mess with me.
I know what goes on around me here. I have ties I the intelligence community her and no one can get to me with out me knowing it. I feel safe here. My family is safe here.

[personal comments removed]

I wanted to get hypnosis one time to see what I could recall but then better of it. What will I find out. I live a fairly normal life right now. Why complicate it?

On last word I have never made a dime off this and never intend to. I think it cheapens and discredits the case.

If you read all this in one sitting your insane as I am! [...]

Steven R. LaPlume
China (PRC) May 26th 2009

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