Larry Warrens Photo

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Larry Warrens photo of 'The Object'

There were photographs taken at the site by Monroe Nevels. There were at least 36 black and white exposures taken by by Jim Penniston during his investigation of the craft of unknown origin. Also, Col. Halt confirmed there were photographs in his discussion between Nebraska senator Exon in 1985. Col. Halt was asked if he could confirm the existence of photographs, to which he replied, “I can verify that for the senator, I could substantiate that for him.” It was stated that “most” of the film was “fogged”. Some photographs did show lights in the sky. It has been confirmed by by the witnesess that many photographs were taken during the incident. However, “most” were found to be fogged after they were returned from the base photo processing lab. This photo was given to author\researcher Georgina Bruni by Larry Warren.

Larry Warren

Its should be noted that we have no reference to orientation, location or time etc


The three objects or lights can be confirmed by me as the lights I saw. The largest was the leading or command vessel. These were not of one, but three separate vessels, verified by the fact that all three objects were never still, and moved independently of each other. Also, they were always moving and were able to jump from our location at Woodbridge and show up over Bentwaters in less than a second. This happened frequently and was evideneced by radio contact from the Security Police radios. No one will ever convince me they were not real!

Monroe Nevels

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